In making this project, I started by investigating what tannins are. In historical pictures, I can see that tannin workers often work with rusty copper and iron or rust on buttons of clothes recognized by tannin, so I enlarge this detail to investigate the effects and feelings of natural rusting under different conditions. Among them, I use different materials of wool, fabric integration, transformation, try to combine this rusty feeling with traditional tannin fabric. From the historical point of view, the new design of tannin fabric is combined.

When the final was completed, my jacket took the form of burning black holes in the jeans to reveal the rust-dyed undercoat. Use this combination to represent the pattern of rust in my previous research. Below, I use dark green, grey blue, jean blue and other blended colors to make skirts. The whole part of the following is hand-made, but also the use of high gray brightness color placed below, so that the bottom is not too thick. Finally, I want to combine the upper and lower garments, so I use the wire to make the upper material to decorate the cuff shoulder position. Use this decoration method to brighten the whole garment.

The final shot was taken in the stairwell of the apartment building where he lived. Every time I pass the stairwell, I feel that the combination of grey and yellow is very advanced. So I think the overall color of my clothes in the stairwell shooting will achieve a harmony, more able to foil the overall feeling and color of the clothes