My research direction is related to the army, war and history. In order to make the works have more cultural background and meaning, I chose a period of time, that is, the history I am familiar with. During the period of China's Anti-Japanese War, China was a country of cultural blending  and bring in lot of foreign culture.  At this time, military uniforms, kimonos and dresses of the late Qing Dynasty merged with each other. This makes it very interesting for me to look at it from the perspective of clothing. So I started investigating things related to lanyard during this period. I give landyard a definition that goes beyond hanging tags or functional tapes. According to my research and direction, more is a reputation, a story and a symbol. Among them, I chose the most interesting part of historical events that I thought was most interesting. The last emperor of China was awarded to lanyard by looters, which shows the phenomenon of captivity in China at that time. This lanyard is the most ironic representative. So in the process of development, I extracted the elements of Chinese culture and the aggressor culture at that time, and combined the color, pattern and clothing outline to develop the final product. In the final product, I chose a combination of military ribbons and Phnom Penh, the symbol of China at that time, to create a lanyard that I understood at that time. And according to all previous research and development exhibition clothing. I also chose Chinese clothes at that time as the base, and adorned them with two colors of Japanese-style printed fabrics with very high contrast, red and green. Finally, on the outside of the clothes, the uniform waistband is used to express the mood of that era, a feeling of powerless but desperate struggle. Finally, when I was filming, I started experimenting with how to express my whole idea, so I took pictures with former veterans, now turned into beggars, or security guards in hutongs. Express a sense of contrast and emotion from the perspective of photographs.

In the process of completing this project, I feel that my ability of development and transformation has been enhanced. I can present the stories and pictures in a more complete way. For example, refined colors can be used to make fabrics that are unique to this project with traditional concepts. I have a new way of expressing narrative as a work interpretation. And in the process of feeling their own production methods and development ideas. But in the whole process, my control over time is still not perfect. Because during the holidays, the time allocated by me has been out of order, so that I can develop more design ideas in the prescribed time. Time is lost, which may affect the progress of the final work.